Gaslighting: Does Your Friend Do These Things To You?

There are many benefits to having close friends in your life. Good friends can help you achieve your lifelong goals, stay focused through tough times, and even find the right employment. But some friendships might not be as great as you wish them to be, especially if someone you know gaslights you. Learn more about gaslighting and how to recognize it below. What's Gaslighting? Gaslighting is one of the most difficult forms of abuse to recognize or decipher today.

Cope With A Divorce And A Custody Battle

Going through a divorce and being faced with a custody hearing may make you wonder how you could have been so naive to think that you were recently living the 'perfect' life. Letdowns that are emotionally charged can cause severe depression, rage, humility, and many other negative emotions. If you feel unstable and are having difficulty remaining focused on your responsibilities, seek therapeutic assistance through one-on-one adult counseling sessions. You Need Perspective In Your Life

What To Expect During Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcoholism can have many negative impacts on your health, employment status, and relationships. Deciding to stop drinking is a wonderful choice you can make for yourself. However, if you are a heavy drinker, or you've been drinking for a long time, you may experience withdrawal when you quit. Knowing what to expect during this process can make it easier to bear. Here is what you should expect during alcohol withdrawal:

How To Get Help With Your Addiction

No matter what your addiction is or how bad is has gotten, there is hope for you to get better. It will take some work but if you make use of the following tips, you should find that the path to recovery is fairly straightforward. The sooner you get started on getting yourself on the right addiction treatment plan for you, the sooner you will be able to start living your best life once again.

Drug-Addicted Parents: 5 Crucial Benefits Of Outpatient Treatment Services You Can't Ignore

Nobody ever really wants to become a drug addict, but if you're a parent, there's an even louder voice in your head crying for you to give up drugs. Addiction destroys you from the inside out, eventually taking everything in your life with it, including those precious kids. For many people struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, but especially parents, outpatient treatment services can help you climb out of the dark and doomed hole you've dug for yourself.