Tips For A Safer, More Productive Ibogaine Ceremony

For years, certain tribes in the African rainforests have been using a plant medicine called ibogaine to promote mental and spiritual healing. Now, ibogaine is becoming more popular outside of Africa, with facilities in Mexico and other nations opening up to guide patients through healing ceremonies. If you have been thinking of attending one of these ceremonies as a way to deal with addiction, depression, or another mental health problem, then here are a few tips to follow for a safe, effective experience.

Read reviews before choosing a treatment center.

Some ibogaine treatment centers are better than others. You really want to attend one where the practitioner has a lot of experience working with this plant medicine and where someone will accompany you throughout the entire session. Read reviews for several treatment centers before choosing one. Pay close attention to what reviewers have to say. One or two negative reviews are not a deal-breaker, but a majority of negative reviews should be a red flag.

Get a complete medical screening beforehand.

Ibogaine is generally safe, but it may not be a good idea for people with high blood pressure, certain heart conditions, and various digestive ailments. Before you go, ask your treatment center for a list of health conditions are not compatible with the plant medicine. Check with your regular doctor to make sure you are free of these conditions and that ibogaine will be a safe choice for you.

Follow the dietary recommendations closely.

Your practitioner will give you a set of dietary guidelines to follow in the two or three days leading up to your session. Don't take these guidelines lightly! Failing to adhere to them could lead to serious nausea once you take the ibogaine, which would make the session less beneficial. In general, you will be told to refrain from eating anything that contains alcohol, caffeine, or large amounts of fat.

Get into a good mental space.

You're taking ibogaine in order to improve yourself mentally and emotionally, and as such, you might currently struggle a bit with getting into a good mental space. But as much as possible, seek to maintain a positive attitude in the days leading up to your session. Listen to meditations, read uplifting books, and quiet your mind. If you begin the ibogaine session with a clear, positive mind, you will get more out of it.

To learn more about ibogaine and what your session will entail, reach out to the ibogaine treatment center you are thinking of attending.