How Therapy Can Help Young Women Cope With Cyberbullying

Young women today are faced with more overwhelming exposure to bullies than any generation in all of human history. There is no escaping once the teen simply leaves school or comes home from activities. Thanks to the internet, bullying can take place 24 hours per day throughout the entire year. Mean girls can pose big problems. What's even worse is that bullying words that are placed online may not ever be removed, so it can hang out there in cyberspace and haunt a young woman for years to come.

4 Signs You Could Benefit From Seeing A Counselor

Life is unpredictable and there can be many bumps along the road. As an adult, there are many circumstances that you can navigate on your own, but there may be situations where seeing a counselor for therapy could make a profound difference in your life. Some signs that you should seek the help of a counselor include:  Continual Intense Feelings It is normal to feel mad or sad from time to time, but most people do not constantly have intense negative feelings.

Christian Couple Having Problems? 2 Ways To Stoke The Flame While Keeping Your Values In Mind

When you married your spouse, you made a vow to him or her and also to God to stay together "til death do you part." Now, you may be arguing so much that you wonder whether marrying your spouse was the right decision, after all. If you are a Christian and having marital problems, remember that all marriages have their ups and downs and that, with the right help and dedication, you can rekindle the flame that was burning strong when you first got married.

3 Ways To Prepare For Couple's Counseling

If you and your partner have decided to pursue couple's counseling together, it helps to get prepared before you go in together for your first session. That way, you can ensure that you get the most out of the experience.  #1 Understanding You Are Responsible For Fixing Your Relationship The first thing you need to do is understand that you are responsible for fixing your relationship, not your counselor. Your counselor may guide your session, and help illuminate and provide a safe place for you and your partner to work on your issues, but at the end of the day fixing your relationship rests on the shoulders of you and your partner.

Tips For Family Members With A Recovering Drug Addict

When it comes to recovering from addiction, the person who was chemically dependent on different substances is going to need to do the bulk of work by working on his or her own methods of dealing with emotion and stress. However, if that person is living at home because he or she is underage or because he or she needs a safe place to crash that is not with other drug addicts, then you are going to be recovering from the addiction as a family as well.