A Glimpse Into The Past: How Past Life Regression Therapy Can Help You

While many acknowledge that the past is a good indicator of the future, many may not be aware that this includes past lives. Exploring the themes and events of your past lives can serve as a great way to learn more about yourself, the choices you have made throughout your life, and what your purpose for this life may be. Available online, these therapy sessions can help you navigate the branches of your past lives to help bring understanding and peace to the present. Here is a look into what you can expect from an online past life regression therapy session

The Past in the Present

One thing your therapist will explain to you is how the past can affect the present. Though it may seem implausible at first, the truth is that what is experienced in past lives can have an immense influence on how you live your current life. Relationship choices, pulls towards certain behavior, and unexplained memories could all be linked to a previous lifetime. Some previous lives may not seem to hold much relevance to your current life, while others may have a provided a greater impact. Knowing that the past is behind you, however, will be a key element of using the knowledge you have gained to help improve your current life. 

Healing Old Wounds

When exploring your past lives, you may begin to notice certain recurring themes. A struggle with the fear of abandonment, for example, could show itself in various past lives and could also be something you currently experience. By acknowledging your experiences in your past lives as valid, you can help the wounds of this fear heal themselves. Using this example, your therapist can help lead you through the healing process to let go of the things you carry from your previous lives into your current one. By healing these wounds, you will open yourself up to the possibility of a positive change of events that could set your course on a brighter path. 

A Place You Know

Past life regression can also help explain some things that you have always wondered about, namely places or cultures that you've always been drawn to. Perhaps you've always felt a strong pull and connection to Ireland and the Catholic Church, for example. During your past life regression, you might not be surprised, then, to learn that you were once a Catholic nun who lived in Ireland! On the other hand, you may have always felt a pull toward classical ballet and discovered you were once a dancer. Working with your therapist, you can navigate your past lives and bring light to why you may seem to be enamored with places and people you've otherwise had no connection to.