Tips For Family Members With A Recovering Drug Addict

When it comes to recovering from addiction, the person who was chemically dependent on different substances is going to need to do the bulk of work by working on his or her own methods of dealing with emotion and stress. However, if that person is living at home because he or she is underage or because he or she needs a safe place to crash that is not with other drug addicts, then you are going to be recovering from the addiction as a family as well.

Did You Cause My Child's Borderline Personality Disorder?

When your adolescent (or adult) child has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, you might wonder if you caused this condition by using poor parenting skills.  You may comforted to know that the latest research indicates that there is much more to the origin of this disorder, and the difficulties you have had parenting a BPD child may also be traced to their genetics and physiological characteristics. Environment The incidence of BPD is estimated to affect of 2% of the population and is more prevalent than bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

Find Out If Your Child Has A Learning Disability By Getting A Psychoeducational Assessment

As a parent, it can be hard to tell if your child has actual learning problems, or if he or she is just being lazy with schoolwork. If you have a child that is not doing well in school, you may wonder why this is happening. To find out, you could have a psychoeducational assessment completed on your child, and this type of testing will reveal a lot of different details about your child.

Do You Suspect That Your Child Is Suffering from Depression?

Children can become temporarily sad and mildly depressed the same as healthy adults. Should your child continue to be sad or depressed beyond a reasonable amount of time, you as a parent may become justifiably concerned. Clinical depression is a mental illness that affects people of all ages, including children under the age of thirteen. Signs of Depression in Children There are signs that point to depression in children. Be aware that these symptoms are not exclusive of clinical depression in children; they are also symptoms that relate to other physical and mental illnesses.