What To Expect When You Leave Your Child At An Inpatient Psychiatric Rehab Facility

Many children often deal with special mental health needs that cannot be dealt with on an outpatient basis. As hard as it can be for a parent, choosing an inpatient psychiatric rehab program may be the best option. If you are dealing with severe mental health issues and your child's doctor suggests an inpatient program, here are some things you need to know.

What Happens When You Arrive?

How you arrive to the facility will depend on different factors. If your child was in the emergency room for a mental health episode, they may be transferred by an ambulance to the treatment center. If your child's psychiatrist has referred your child, you can transport your child there yourself.

Once you arrive, there will be an intake procedure you will need to follow. You will have to provide information on why you were referred to the facility, asked about medical history, the child's mental health, and so on.

Can You Speak to Your Child While They Are in the Facility?

Most of these programs will prohibit parental contact, at least initially. There are a few instances in which contact can happen. For example, you may hear from the facility if any medication or treatment options need to change. If your child was involved in any sort of incident at the facility, they will contact you. You will also hear from the facility once they believe it is time to transition to outpatient treatment.

If you want an update about your child, you can call the facility and ask any questions you have.

What Will Your Child Experience While in the Program?

The goal of an inpatient facility is to get your child to a point where they are stable enough to best deal with their needs on an outpatient basis. The goal is not to cure the child but to provide the tools they need to cope. The doctors will visit with your child regularly. They will be on a regular daily schedule that consists of school, group sessions, mental health treatment, and anything else they believe will best benefit your child. They will also receive some free time during the day.

Your child will have some rules to adhere to while in the facility. Children can lose privileges if the rules are not followed routinely.

It can be so hard to leave your child behind at an inpatient facility. Try to remember that this is for their own good. They will learn a lot about themselves, and you as parents will as well. Keep in mind that your child is in a safe environment where they are getting the help they need. It is normal to be sad, but know you are doing what is best.

For more information on psychiatric rehabilitation programs, contact a professional near you.