4 Warning Signs You Need Depression Treatment

Do you have everything that you need to live comfortably and happily, yet, there's a feeling of emptiness inside that you can't explain? Or, do you have apathy about life in general? For most people, depression creeps in slowly without them even knowing it. However, there are some behaviors or symptoms you can identify and seek depression treatment for.

Here are four warning signs you need depression treatment.

Prolonged Sadness

Normal sadness and clinical depression are worlds apart. It's normal to feel sad due to events at home, school, or at your workplace. However, if the sadness lasts longer such that it causes mood swings, you may want to consider treatment. Sadness that makes you adopt other behaviors such as alcohol or drug abuse is depression and requires urgent medical assessment. Your doctor can aid in determining the mode of treatment, with depression therapy being the primary intervention. Your doctor may suggest you adopt a different lifestyle, change your diet, socialize more, or start a workout routine.    

Disinterest in Things or Activities

If suddenly you lose interest in various activities that you previously found enjoyable, it could be an early sign of depression. Some people may start disliking certain foods, hairstyles, clothing styles, or sporting activities, leading to a feeling of being out of touch with people or common things. Depression therapy treatment can help in rediscovering yourself. 

Weight Gain or Loss

If you're depressed, you'll lose interest in eating, leading to drastic weight loss. Also, some people may eat a lot which can lead to an increase in weight. Both scenarios are common to people suffering from depression. A therapist can recommend workouts to treat mild depression and improve your eating habits. 

Lack of Sleep

Insomnia is one of the major signs of depression. Most people experience a lack of sleep, which can negatively affect their overall well-being. Quite often, insomnia is accompanied by general tiredness during the day. You may experience panic attacks, especially if you stay up all night yet you're supposed to be at work or school early in the morning. Eventually, it can affect your productivity, and you may feel withdrawn. Your doctor may prescribe sleeping aids or pills to enable you to sleep. Exercises and avoiding alcohol or caffeine before sleep time can help your sleep better.

Before you seek depression treatment, you need to be aware of the warning signs. Contact a doctor, such as Dr. Lynn Fraley LCPC, today for a thorough assessment and depression treatment.