Seek Help For Depression And Loneliness

Losing a parent to cancer can be one of the most difficult and heartbreaking moments in your life and you may wonder if you will ever feel good again and be able to find a reason to smile. If depression and loneliness are getting the best of you and you feel as if you have nowhere to turn, seek help with the following suggestions. 

Reveal Your Feelings To A Grief Counselor

Sitting at home and keeping your thoughts to yourself can make your situation seem unbearable to live with and you may become withdrawn from others and find it difficult to leave your house. It is normal to feel sadness and you may even feel anger or confusion because of the situation you are dealing with.

Reveal your feelings to a grief counselor so that you can begin the healing process and move on with your life. A counselor will provide you with a listening ear during each session you attend and they may be able to help you come to terms with your loss by suggesting ways to cope. Do not be afraid to spill your guts during each session and continue grief counseling on a routine basis to achieve the best results. 

Attend Group Sessions

You may not think that you will benefit by spending time with others, but this is contrary to the truth. There are people out there who are suffering like you are and they have chosen to band together and form support groups so that they can speak candidly to one another about their personal experiences.

Seek group sessions in your community and give one of the group meetings a chance. Do not feel obligated to speak during a session. Instead, sit back and relax and listen to the words that others speak. During a meeting, you may be able to relate with some of the information that you hear and this may help you feel better about your personal situation.

You may even be able to meet some like-minded people who are willing to spend time with you outside of the meetings so that you can begin to enjoy your life again and participate in a variety of activities.

Write A Letter To Your Parent And Document Memories

One way to release pent up emotions is by scrawling your feelings across paper. Write a letter to your parent and describe some of the things that you have been doing lately and the way that you feel about losing them. The letter should include as much or as little as you wish and you should try to be honest about everything that you write.

Place the letter in an envelope and store the letter in a drawer or keepsake box. Whenever you are feeling down and out, write a letter so that you can document what is currently occurring and memories that you have from years ago. Contact a clinic, like The Counseling Group PL, for more help.