How Therapy Can Help Young Women Cope With Cyberbullying

Young women today are faced with more overwhelming exposure to bullies than any generation in all of human history. There is no escaping once the teen simply leaves school or comes home from activities. Thanks to the internet, bullying can take place 24 hours per day throughout the entire year. Mean girls can pose big problems.

What's even worse is that bullying words that are placed online may not ever be removed, so it can hang out there in cyberspace and haunt a young woman for years to come. That's enough to send any adult into despair, let alone a teenager who hasn't yet had time to develop a lot of coping skills. Cyberbullying can create ongoing problems. Here's how therapy for women can help a teenager cope with this huge issue.

The Integration of Emotional Trauma

Cyberbullying can cause deep emotional trauma to a young woman that is often misunderstood and, even worse, dismissed. No matter how well-intentioned parents and friends may be, the experience of being cyberbullied can be hard to understand. When teens have the safe space of therapy to express how it makes them feel and all the complicated emotions that cyberbullying may bring up, they can better process those feelings and integrate the emotional trauma into their life.

The Development of Coping Skills

Since it's hard to prevent and stop cyberbullying, sometimes teens have no choice but to endure situations until they can be controlled. Because of their young age and inexperience, many teenagers don't have well-developed coping skills. A therapist can change that. Since coping skills are essential to help teenagers handle situations where they're being victimized by online bullies, the therapist can help individual teens discover and develop the coping skills that are most helpful for them.

The Treatment of Other Issues

Sadly, too many teenagers who experience cyberbullying end up committing suicide. It can clearly cause suicidal thoughts along with other severe pain. Cyberbullying may worsen a teen's depression, but a therapist can help a teenager through those difficult issues. The therapist can help a teenager work on the other issues they are facing alongside cyberbullying so that they can be stronger and better deal with the problems that can otherwise feel overwhelming for a young person.

Finally, keep in mind that it's important to keep communication as open as possible with your teenager. You need to know when and if your teen is being bullied so that you can help or at least offer advice and the opportunity for therapy. With your support and guidance along with time spent in therapy, a teenager can ultimately learn to cope and overcome the pain caused by cyberbullying.