Christian Couple Having Problems? 2 Ways To Stoke The Flame While Keeping Your Values In Mind

When you married your spouse, you made a vow to him or her and also to God to stay together "til death do you part." Now, you may be arguing so much that you wonder whether marrying your spouse was the right decision, after all. If you are a Christian and having marital problems, remember that all marriages have their ups and downs and that, with the right help and dedication, you can rekindle the flame that was burning strong when you first got married. 

Read on to learn about two great ways to help bring your Christian marriage back to a great place, while keeping your faith in mind. 

1. Seek Couples Counseling

If you and your spouse seem to get into arguments every time you spend more than a few minutes together, then spending time re-hashing those arguments in front of a marriage counselor may seem like the last way you would want to spend your free time. However, marriage counseling works for many couples, and it can work for you.

In a way, your couples' counselor will act as a marriage "referee" by helping you and your spouse learn to find a middle ground in all of the areas of your life that you are currently having disagreements in, in a way that makes you both happy. Your counselor can also teach you how to reconcile your differences later, on your own, in a way that is much more productive. 

2. Try Christian Workbooks for Couples

If you and your spouse would rather work on your problems from the comfort of your own home, then there are Christian workbooks for couples that you can complete together that can help rekindle the flame in your marriage. Christian workbooks for couples all vary slightly, but many have important lessons on communication and how men and women often differ in what makes them happy in a marriage. 

Some chapters may be specifically for "him" or "her," while there are others that you read together. At the end of each chapter, there is often an exercise that you complete together, and during the exercises you will likely find yourselves growing closer and closer. Prayers you can recite together at bedtime or any time you feel the need to reach out to God to help strengthen your marriage are also often included in Christian workbooks for couples. 

Christian workbooks are often written by Christian counselors and psychologists, so they offer couples activities that help strengthen marriages that are based on both psychological research and the teachings of the Bible. 

If you are having problems in your Christian marriage, then realize that there are several ways for you and your spouse to strengthen your marriage and resolve your problems while keeping your faith in mind. You can try visiting a marriage counselor or using Christian workbooks for couples together to re-ignite the flame in your marriage and remember just why you fell in love with your spouse to begin with. To learn more about Christian workbooks, check out websites like